By removing restrictions to human ingenuity, we will replace the old world with abundance based on cosmic integrities. #### Orientation > > This site is a Socratic 'knowledge garden' — a collection of evergreen, ever-growing questions and ideas forming an expansive knowledge graph. > > The name Cosmic Elevator was inspired by Buck Fuller who said: > ![](Buckminster-Fuller.jpg) > >> “In 1929 I began to consider what the little individual could do on behalf of his fellow man that government and corporations could not do. It became evident that the individual was the only one that could deliberately find the time to think in a **cosmically adequate** manner. Each human has his lifetime to invest. If he commits to operations in **cosmic integrities** he will find himself participating in nature’s own formulations and will realize the potentials of her various freedoms and choices, to be employed to the advantage of all human beings to come, in order that humans may fulfill their **cosmic functioning** on board of our planet.”  - R. Buckminster Fuller > > Start below with the _Cosmic Questions_, The _Primary Observations_ and the _7 Elevators_ — then the infinitude of your interests connecting new dots of delicious data. > > **Note**: This is a multi-decade work-in-progress. At last count there are **1681** pages here. Many sections are likely a mess. Refinement is ongoing. Enjoy. > --- # Cosmic Questions - ### What Is Happening? - The rise of a [[Supercivilization]] coupled with [[ascension]] despite humanity's baggage of [[The Nefarious Art of Social Engineering]]. - ### What Is right? - Life, Nature, [[Love]], Creativity, Change, [[Health]], Art, gnosis, [[honesty]], [[tolerance]], Elevation, [[Selfhood]], [[Sound Money]], [[spirituality]]. - ### What is wrong? - [[Suppression]], Elitism, Neglect, Waste, [[Politics]], [[fraud]], [[Force]], [[Dishonesty]], [[tolerance]] (injustice) — [[How To Dodge Dogma]]. - ### What do we need? - [[Lifestyle choices]] that suit our individual preferences, talents and the realities of the modern world. - Distributed [[community]] networks that free our boundless potential for shared abundance. - A new approach to social [[governance]] that entirely removes fraud from our political and economic systems, with decentralized organizations (learn about [[DAO]]'s)'. - Sound money that uses authentic [[cryptocurrency]] (not [[Central Bank Digital Currencies]]. - ### What will I do? - Will you build discipline or default to laziness? Will you find joyful optimism or be swallowed by pessimism? Will you achieve [[alchemy]] via [[The 3 Keys and 10 Mind Controllers]]? - Your individual preferences, capacities, natural tendencies, and sense of mission drives your daily routine. With the [[7 Elevators]] you find your own capacity for [Productive Bliss]( - As for me, curator of the Cosmic Elevator knowledge garden, I'm helping to build the [[Network State]] via [SingularityHaven]( --- # Primary Observations - ### History is Fabricated - Our [[TIMELINE]] is grossly incomplete to the point of psychic amnesia that traumatizes our intuition, affecting humanity to this day. We also have access to a large body of [[declassified terror]] that demonstrates: - a) governing agents commit crimes against humanity, and - b) the majority of people are mentally oblivious or emotionally numb. - Today, [[conspiracy science]] is helping put back the pieces of human history. #archaeology is a fascinating maze of references that can help point to a new path forward. - ### Politics is Corrupt to the Core - Simple math. #Politics is a gravy train for easy profits and power. It's estimated that 6% of the worlds population are sociopathic. I'd say most of them work in politics. - Look at obvious parts of history: Mao, Stalin, [[Hitler]], etc. Then look at the slightly less obvious parts: [[Trudeau's Canada]], [[Biden's US]], and [[Putin's Ukraine]] (it's not what the media tends to report). Understand the [[World Economic Forum]]. - ### Religion has Failed Humanity - Religious teachings (over the past 3,000 years) need re-interpretation and alignment with today's knowledge and needs. Insight from today's understanding of ancient anthropology shine new light on religious scripture. - No #religion today is demonstrating itself as a beacon of virtue. We need a revival of authentic #spirituality. - ### The Majority are Sheep - [[Psychology Experiments]] reveal how utterly gullible and susceptible to acts of evil most people are. Why is it so? Because of peer pressure, subservience to perceived authority, and traumatized self-identity. - History repeats. Mankind suffers from the remnants of an ancient [[bicameral mind]]. - ### The Future can be Golden - When the pace of in innovation is freed from [[The Nefarious Art of Social Engineering]] we will see value creation solve all significant human problems as we enter the dawn of a [[Supercivilization]] and acceleration in human #longevity. --- # SYNERGY & SELFHOOD The site navigation gives you access to the broad categories of content captured by the Cosmic Elevator knowledge garden. - SELFHOOD is about your personal self, involving the first 5 elevators. - SYNERGY is about your connection to others, involving both elevator 6 and 7. ## The [[7 Elevators]] The way we make CHOICES every day underpins the DIRECTION of our life which we ORDER to then PRIORITIZE our activities through time to achieve a degree of HARMONY upon which we achieve SYNERGY with others to CONTRIBUTE value. This leads us to [Productive Bliss]( via [[The 3 Keys and 10 Mind Controllers]]. ### Selfhood - #### First, make a fundamental choice - A fundamental choice to focus on reality, honesty, opportunity, responsibility… or irrationality, negativity and laziness. Truth be told, it’s a hard choice that each of us must face every single day, in almost every moment. Should I or shouldn’t I? Will I or won’t I? Explore [[Elevator 1 - CHOICE]]. - #### Second, move in a definite direction - Clarify your life's meaning, purpose and direction and move in lock-step with your dreams for maximum fulfillment and [[Productive Bliss]]. Opening ever more to the wonder and wild expression of personal value, meaning and significance as you guide your life direction. Explore [[Elevator 2 - DIRECTION]]. - #### Third, bring sufficient order to any chaos - Getting organized and prepared in all areas of life so that you can capture every opportunity that supports your life direction. Bringing order out of the daily chaos of modern life, your computer files, your project ideas, your living space, all ordered appropriately for maximum positive living experience. Explore [[Elevator 3 - ORDER]]. - #### Fourth, pursue priorities with passion - Prioritizing your self, life, responsibilities, ideas and desires into sensible-sized projects so you can focus on the right things and get them done fast. Identifying the movements and rhythms of life for a natural approach to time management that fullfils your quest to manifest your hearts desires into reality. Explore [[Elevator 4 - PRIORITY]]. - #### Fifth, bring harmony to mind, body and spirit - Developing ever more clarity, mindfullness and creative willingness, you control your mind to break through all limitations and purify your mind-body connection for creativity to flow throughout your life. Harmonising the mind, body and spirit to eliminate procrastination and confusion while building your capacity for higher performance and success. Explore [[Elevator 5 - HARMONY]]. ### Synergy - #### Sixth, synergize with like-minds - Achieving and experiencing more than you can by yourself through collaboration with like-minded people to leverage your own efforts and create a shared experience greater than the individual parts. Feeling gratitude and building empathy as we all transition from old world restriction to collectively creating new world freedom. Explore [[Elevator 6 - SYNERGY]]. - #### Seventh, give your ultimate gift - Having built up your capacity in each of the previous petals, petal 7 is about giving your gift to the world in whatever field suits you best: science, arts, and/or business. Contribute maximum value by finally losing the ego into full absorption of pleasurable creativity, achievable only through a strong self-responsible ego and individual integrity that is developed through all 7 Elevators. Explore [[Elevator 7 — CONTRIBUTION]]. Maktub (May it be so).